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Wildlife T-shirts

  Wildlife t-shirts are comprised of animals in the wild that do not fit neatly into one of our other categories. These wildlife t-shirts range from the common duck to the buffalo. Buy a few wildlife t-shirts for the whole family today!  
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Mallards are known as "surface feeding" ducks because they dip and dabble in the shallows of fresh and salt water marshes.

This woodcut-style mallard duck reflects the spirit and beauty of the duck in the wild.

Ducks are agile fliers who can take off almost vertically.

Bucks rub their antlers against small saplings to mark their territory and also use them to fight with other bucks during the breeding season.

The artistry on this deer graphic symbolizes a modern interpretation of grace and freedom.

This fanciful deer was created as a statement about the grace and beauty of the deer sillouetted by equally beautiful surroundings.

Oh, dear, it's a doe, so spend some dough and put this little lady on your chest today!

There are over 365 species of squirrels in seven families. They include the tree squirrel, ground squirrel, and flying squirrel.

A baby squirrel weighs approximately one ounce at birth, and is about one inch long. They do not have hair or teeth, and are virtually blind for the first six to eight weeks.

Male bighorn sheep or "rams" are easily identified by their large spiral horns which grow throughout their lives.

Hefty eaters, some bats gobble up as many as 600 mosquitoes in just one hour.

Buffalo far outnumbered the Native American population during the pre-European era. There may have been 60 million or more.

Kangaroo moves by hopping on its hind legs using its tail for steering and balancing while hopping at speed up to 40mph/60kmh.

Kangaroos are grazing animals that eat grass, young shoots and leaves of heath plants and grass trees.

The reason the koala is called a koala bear is because the koala looks like a teddy bear. The koala's scientific name is Phasclarctos cinereus.
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