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Ocean T-shirts

  Ocean t-shirts feature creatures that live in or around the ocean and seas of the world. Many ocean creatures such as sharks, whales and penguins are featured in other sections of this site. Buy a few ocean t-shirts for the whole family to enjoy.  

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The walrus, or Odobenus rosmarus, is from the Latin for "tooth walking sea-horse." Walruses do not actually use their tusks for walking, but they do help the hulking animals haul themselves out of water.

The walrus’ most obvious attribute is its pair of long tusks, which are actually continuously growing canine teeth.

A walrus's ivory tusks are used for many things, including protection from attack by polar bears, killer whales and local hunters in kayaks.

This playful, noisy, exuberant, quick learner is the "trained seal" of the sea. It is highly adaptable to any surrounding and use a variety of habitats.

The blowfish is also known as puffer, globefish, or swellfish.

The goldfish is the most common household pet in the world and were domesticated by the Chinese in 800 A.D.
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