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The free Animal T-shirts Emporium newsletter is coming soon featuring animal news, features and trivia from around the world. Stay turned for more details.

Since we're in the process of creating this animal newsletter, we're asking that you send in suggestions of the kinds of materials you would like to see in the animal newsletter. Right now some of the topics we will be exploring are:

  • Pet care
  • Animal photography
  • Animal causes
  • Show off your pet
  • Bring your pet to work day
  • Endangered species
  • Animal medicine
  • Traveling with pets
  • Developing a pet sitting network
  • Responsible hiking
  • Celebrity pets
  • Animal legislation

A sample of a story that may appear in the newsletter may be something like this:

Crisis in Companion Animal Overpopulation

In the United States, each year 27 million cats and dogs are born and 5 to 8 million of these become euthanized because of lack of homes. The simple, but not so simple solution is to curtail the number of births every year.

Spaying and neutering cats and dogs would result in fewer animals temporarily housed in our overcrowded shelters. Hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs become euthanized by these shelters every month.

The main problems lay with three different groups: irresponsible caretakers, backyard breeders and puppy mills. Irresponsible caretakers for a variety of reasons refuse or are afraid to have their pets spayed or neutered. Some lack the financial resources to do so.

Backyard breeders contribute to the problem when they cannot sell their animals to the pet stores and other outlets. It is estimated the 20 - 25 percent of the animals at the pound are purebred animals.

Puppy mills symbolize a more commercialized version of the backyard breeder, in that puppies are bred almost in assembly line fashion and dogs are considered to be nothing more than products. Many of these animals are prone to disease because of the deplorable conditions they're forced to live in (to be continued)

Exploring news and trivia around pets and animals will be the keystone to this newsletter.

If you have some topics you would like to see explored in upcoming issues of the animal newsletter, send those suggestions in through our Contact Us page.










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