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Lion T-shirts

  Lion t-shirts show who is the king of the jungle! These lion t-shirts exemplify the power and spirit of one of the greatest beasts on earth. Buy a few lion t-shirts for the whole family.  
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Of all the great cats, the lion has always held a supreme place in man's esteem and imagination.

The lion has always been honored by man, crediting the regal beast with attributes he prizes most; nobility, courage, loyalty, combative skills and sexual prowess.

The male's mane increases his apparent size, serves as an visual indication of gender from long distances and adds to his aura during his strutting displays in front females.

The myth of the supernatural powers of the lion survives today; by consuming or wearing parts of a lion it is believed that one can revive lost powers, cure illness, attain courage and win immunity from death.

Lions become man-eaters less often than tigers, but when they do they are bolder and more aggressive in their persuit of humans.

A man-eating lion often hunts at night and prowls the perimeter of villages looking for victims.

The full-grown male, whose magnificent mane ranging in color from a rich golden brown to a deep blackish-brown, mark him as the veritable monarch of the plains.

Like other members of the Felidae, the lion has a lithe, compact, muscular and deep chested body with a rounded and shortened head bearing prominent whiskers

The lion is the most social of all felids, setting them apart from all other great cats.

Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

The lion's mane, usually begins a rapid develop, from a small tawny ruff at the age of two years old, into a massive thickened mass of hair often extending from the neck area to the underside of the abdomen.

The legacy of the lion, King of Beasts, as the model throughout history is demonstrated by its appearance among the earliest drawings made by humans over 15,000 years ago.

Full grown males displaying a regal and imposing nonchalance, regularly exceeding 400 pounds in the wild, and measuring up to 10 feet in length, from the tip of the tail to the nose

Females, only slightly smaller than males, range from 275 to 400 pounds and measure up to nine feet in length

The core of the female oriented pride are the lionesses, who's association is based on matriarchal continuity.
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