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Cougar T-shirts

  Cougar t-shirts reflect the wild spirit of those who wear them. These cougar t-shirts feature what is also known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount, deer tiger or Indian Devil. Why not buy a few cougar t-shirts for the whole family!  
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Next to the bears, the cougar is the largest, most powerful predator in North America.

In regards to cougars, the average adult male weighs 125 pounds and the female 100 pounds.

Cougars prey upon deer, wapiti, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, beaver, snowshoe hares, and even mice. Their preference is for fresh meat, and they rarely scavenge from old kills.

Trophy hunting remains a popular pastime and is the single greatest cause of mortality in mountain lions, killing more than 2000 cats each year.

With habitat loss, human development, and more and more people recreating in wilderness areas that cougars occupy, the potential for contact between man and lion greatens.

Mountain Lions are solitary, strongly territorial hunters who, unlike most cat species, may be active during the day.

The predatory behavior of a Mountain Lion is very similar to the domestic cat. The lion will attempt to conceal itself for a surprise attack while stalking its prey.

Cougars are skilled night hunters with excellent eyesight and superb hearing. They run swiftly, are agile climbers, and can even swim.

Rather than simply chasing after their food, cougars prefer stalking their prey at close range, utilizing the element of surprise. At the last moment, a cougar may leap as far as 20 feet or more onto the animal's back.

Cougars are still fairly abundant in some of the sparsely populated western states.
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