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Animal T-shirts Emporium (ATE) is a website devoted to promoting the beauty, conservation and humanity to animals. This site is run by conservationists, environmentalists, animal rights advocates and other who believe in the humane treatment of animals.

It is our desire to sell products which promote the beauty and kinship with animals among every peoples.

We believe that animals are the future. If we take care of the animals and the environment then they will take care of us. Animals were put on this earth for a reason. They're not here so that we may mistreat them. They're not here that we may kill them at our leisure.

Like it or not, we're animals ourselves so at the very least we need to have empathy for God's creatures on this earth. Animals are not here to serve us; we're here to serve them. We're the benevolent benefactors of the creatures on this earth. It is up to us to be the world's caretakers.

Avoiding war, saving the environment and protecting animals is everyone responsibility as citizens of the world. Animals are our friends and cohabitants on this big blue ball we all live on. Just as we learn to live with human neighbors, we also need to know how to live with animal neighbors as well.

The world is perfect as it is. There is no need to prove dominance or dominion over the other creatures. We're the smart ones. It is up to humankind to practice tolerance and benevolence. Since we're the smartest of the creatures it is up to us to make room for all of the creatures on this planet.

The world is big enough for all of us. What this planet needs is everyone looking out for everyone else including the smallest of creatures. You don't need to be a veterinarian or marine biologist to have an impact on the animals of this world. You only need to have a desire to appreciate the creatures on the earth and take action steps in order to protect and help grow the animal population.

Whether you believe in Noah or Darwin, the saving and promotion of animals on this planet has a long history. Noah saved two of every kind of animal so that all animals would survive the great flood. Darwin, on the other hand, believed in survival of the fittest and that animals evolved in relation to changing environmental conditions.

Animals make our lives better. They provide comfort in troubled times, companionship and wonderment. Why are animals on this planet? Why are we here? It gives one a sense that there is something bigger than ourselves all around us. The complexity of micro and macro ecosystems point to a majestic orderly universe and some unifying power that is greater than ourselves. "There are more things than heaven and earth, Horatio" as Shakespeare may say. Animals only add to the mystery of the universe and the universal truths we seek in discovering why we're truly here.

That we share this mystery of universal truth is a miracle into itself.










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